Friday, August 22, 2014

DIY Wood Plank Headboard~Rowan's Nursery

This DIY headboard could not have been any easier and was so inexpensive!
It was the perfect way to complete Rowan's Nursery.

So many ideas went through my head when looking at this bare wall. I needed to create something myself because the "daybed" is actually a full bed pushed up against the wall and not a standard size that could be purchased.

Photo 1 & 2: I always loved the look of the reclaimed wood headboard or walls but wasn't sure if I wanted to commit to actually installing them to the wall.

Photo 3 & 4: And while the thrifty idea of pallets sounded like a great idea I didn't have the extra space to waste behind the bed. 

I went with this Highbury Oak Laminate from Floor & Decor.
It is $34.15 for a box of 10 planks. I needed 9 so it was perfect.

*The color has a gray undertone which gives it a reclaimed look. 

I placed them above the base moulding and lined them up.
 I put a small piece of double sided tape on the top of each plank and done.
It took me ten minutes tops! 

The thin planks were key for this space. The nursery was a guest room before Rowan's arrival and we wanted to keep the bed in the room for late nights with the babe or extra sleeping space for guests. 

Anthro Compare
The Hidalgo Bed from Anthropologie has a similar look ranging from $1,999.95-$2,998.00!
I'll stick with my $35 vertical plank version. ; )

We love it... 

Have a good one!

Much love,

Friday, August 15, 2014

DIY Chalkboard Dresser~Rowan's Nursery

Rowan's home!
Had to skip a post last Friday because I was in the hospital... Rowan Thomas Molitor was born on 8/6 and tipped the scale at
9 lbs 4 oz.

And he loves his new nursery!
(Don't worry momma's-the pillows are from the daybed and are for photo decoration only in the crib)

Before Photo~$20
Der, Doak and I were driving home one day and spotted this very plain but functional dresser in someones yard. The sign said $30 but she gave it to us for $20. I needed some storage for Rowan's closet but after it was painted it was too cute to hide away.

Kilz-Oil Based Primer
Valspar-Black Chalkboard Paint

1st Coat-Primer

The oil base primer dried surprisingly fast. 

Doak took a break from riding his bike to help with the first coat of chalkboard paint.

Working mans hands.

1st coat of chalkboard paint complete
2 coats total

And here it is... a fun addition to Rowan's nursery!

Playing with designs


The alphabet

Doak had a blast taking a shot at some chalk designs too!

Intense artist

Cleaning off to create a new design.

And of course a little photo shoot to welcome Rowan into his new room.

We are all so crazy about him...

Even Bebe... our first born (cat).

Much love,


Friday, August 1, 2014

DIY Tribal Accent Wall~Rowan's Nursery!


A couple things you need when starting a new project...
Inspiration, my t-shirt above, and a best bud that you work amazingly well with to join forces. 
We, Johnna and I, knocked this wall out in under a few hours!

Before-Guest Room (Left Side Wall)

First we painted all walls a light gray.
Light Gray: 
Valspar Signature-Bay Waves 4008-1A 
Finish: Eggshell

We measured the wall and created our own stencils so that the design would be the perfect size. We used this to pencil mark the design. We planned on using the stencil for the paint as well but soon realized it was so much easier to tape off the design instead. 

Johnna taping areas I marked off to be painted the darker grey color.

Dark Gray:
Valspar Signature-Stone Mason Gray 4008-1C
Finish: Eggshell
Although the design looks random at this point there was a pattern created with the dark gray color.

We then painted random white triangles where we thought needed to complete the design.

And there you have it...

When Doak finally was allowed to come back into the room he fell in love. He was on lockdown with our husbands as he attempted to "help" us several times. : )

The little things...
Added this gorgeous dreamcatcher we purchased at a Native American powwow.
No bad dreams for Rowan!

The perfect accent wall for a new baby and mommy to enjoy!

I love seeing it at all angles!
Entire left side wall.
Love it!

And for those of you wondering...
although Rowan's due date was July 28th he has not yet graced us with his presence. I am patiently waiting... kind of. ;)
Have a great weekend and I hope to see you next week with a baby boy in my arms! 

 Much love!


Friday, July 25, 2014

Back to Blogging!

Hanging in the new nursery!

With the arrival of our newest little one, Rowan, due to join us any day now I thought it would be perfect timing to have a photo shoot with Doak, our 3 year old! Although he is thrilled to be a big brother and I couldn't be more excited for baby Row Row's arrival it is still a little bittersweet to think it isn't going to be just me and my little sidekick any more.

 The key to baby photo shoots... a lot of tickling! 

His attempt to tickle me back... 

Doaky Bear : )

My favorite thing.

 Due July 28th...
Let's do this baby boy!

It has been exactly one year since I posted my last blog entry and I am excited to be back on board to share interior design and DIY tips from 
MMM Designs

The next few posts will reveal the design process of how Baby Rowan's Nursery evolved! 
Upcoming posts: DIY Tribal Accent Wall, DIY headboard, Accessory Details... and, most likely, my boys! 

Enjoy! Melis