Friday, August 1, 2014

DIY Tribal Accent Wall~Rowan's Nursery!


A couple things you need when starting a new project...
Inspiration, my t-shirt above, and a best bud that you work amazingly well with to join forces. 
We, Johnna and I, knocked this wall out in under a few hours!

Before-Guest Room (Left Side Wall)

First we painted all walls a light gray.
Light Gray: 
Valspar Signature-Bay Waves 4008-1A 
Finish: Eggshell

We measured the wall and created our own stencils so that the design would be the perfect size. We used this to pencil mark the design. We planned on using the stencil for the paint as well but soon realized it was so much easier to tape off the design instead. 

Johnna taping areas I marked off to be painted the darker grey color.

Dark Gray:
Valspar Signature-Stone Mason Gray 4008-1C
Finish: Eggshell
Although the design looks random at this point there was a pattern created with the dark gray color.

We then painted random white triangles where we thought needed to complete the design.

And there you have it...

When Doak finally was allowed to come back into the room he fell in love. He was on lockdown with our husbands as he attempted to "help" us several times. : )

The little things...
Added this gorgeous dreamcatcher we purchased at a Native American powwow.
No bad dreams for Rowan!

The perfect accent wall for a new baby and mommy to enjoy!

I love seeing it at all angles!
Entire left side wall.
Love it!

And for those of you wondering...
although Rowan's due date was July 28th he has not yet graced us with his presence. I am patiently waiting... kind of. ;)
Have a great weekend and I hope to see you next week with a baby boy in my arms! 

 Much love!


Friday, July 25, 2014

Back to Blogging!

Hanging in the new nursery!

With the arrival of our newest little one, Rowan, due to join us any day now I thought it would be perfect timing to have a photo shoot with Doak, our 3 year old! Although he is thrilled to be a big brother and I couldn't be more excited for baby Row Row's arrival it is still a little bittersweet to think it isn't going to be just me and my little sidekick any more.

 The key to baby photo shoots... a lot of tickling! 

His attempt to tickle me back... 

Doaky Bear : )

My favorite thing.

 Due July 28th...
Let's do this baby boy!

It has been exactly one year since I posted my last blog entry and I am excited to be back on board to share interior design and DIY tips from 
MMM Designs

The next few posts will reveal the design process of how Baby Rowan's Nursery evolved! 
Upcoming posts: DIY Tribal Accent Wall, DIY headboard, Accessory Details... and, most likely, my boys! 

Enjoy! Melis


Friday, July 26, 2013

R.Home~July/Aug Photo Shoot!

The R.Home photo shoot for the July/Aug was taken at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts!
We had the privilege to use the deck that overlooks the beautiful work of Chihuly!

Oh and thanks for the Mocha Iced Coffee, Chef JoJo!
Photographer in action!

We had a bunch of ideas between all of us and finally nailed it after a lot of playing around with the items I brought.

And here it is...
The "Where To Find It Guide," is the best issue b/c you get the best of the best info in Richmond!

This is what we decided on! 

And page 2!

Love all these plates, bowls, cups and trays!
Melamine is killer... especially when you have kids! : ) 

Much Love,


Friday, June 28, 2013

Doak Fest 2013!

This month Doaky bear turned 2!

It was perfect timing to have a party considering my family was making their way down south for our OBX vaca!

I created a carnival type atmosphere with a bouncy house, popcorn machine and this kinda creepy photo booth!
The Sixed Armed Man!!! 
Doak helped me paint it and create his decorations... 
true story!

The coolest part is I bought most of the carnival accessories awhile back. I knew I wanted to wait to use them when Doak was old enough to enjoy it.
See Post: Vintage Circus Party on the Cheap 
Here are some photos of the day...
Doak Fest 2013
Sketched the cake design at the grocery store in about 2 minutes... she did a great job!

Guess who?! 

Sidewalk chalk with Deb!

: )

The Sheets Family


I love it.

Creepy. Doak digs it!

Bouncy House!

Punching balloon decor

Carnival of lights! 

Instagram mantel

Popcorn machine with all the toppings you need! 

Tons of FOOD!
Thanks to Ter and Mandy! 

Someone loves Jojo! 

Doaks fav spot... the swing.

Of course... Cornhole!



Thumbs up from Doak or John boy behind the scenes.

Possibly my fav freak show pic! 

Uncle Denny kisses

Uncle Scott scoot'in!


The following pics are from pre-party decor prep!
My favorite part!!!

Punching balloon battle. 

My "Printsagrams" for the mantel. 

Doak helping me every step of the way! 

Carnival flags made from discontinued fabric samples!

May be super busy these days but still love doing my crafts! : )

We had such a blast creating Doak Fest... until next time.
DF 2014! 

Much Love,